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25 things for turning 25

25 things for turning 25

Today I turn 25 which does feel like a hallmark birthday to me. I’ve never really enjoyed my birthday. It’s always so hot and uncomfortable and it typically makes me anxious, but I think lots of people struggle with their birthdays. This year I feel a lot more positively, though. For the first time in years I feel some peace and happiness and I live alone so if I want to celebrate at 12 AM EST then I can!

Here are twenty five things about the last year of my life or maybe about the next year of my life. Not sure yet.

  1. The song I listened to most this year was Deep Gulch by Hard Girls. I listened to it 479 times. I wrote a whole newsletter about how much that Hard Girls album has meant to me, so second place goes to Carry Ends The Call by John K. Samson. I just listened to it one more time to make it an even 300. I might like his solo album more than anything else he’s ever done, but don’t tell anybody I said that.
  2. My favorite show I went to this past year was in New York at Mercury Lounge. Owen Ashworth played a set of his Christmas songs from across the Advance Base and Casiotone catalogs. Joe Pera did comedy. I drove up with my friend Ivan. We got pizza afterwards. It took longer to drive up than we were in the venue and it was beautiful. Every time I see Owen play is my favorite show at least for a while.
  3. I’m bummed out Joe Pera’s show hasn’t been renewed. It’s the only tv show I really like watching.
  4. One habit I’ve picked up this year is whenever I’m having a really bad day I turn on HBO’s Girls. I like to wish them the worst. Not a single redeeming character in that whole show. Controlled mean spirited behavior.
  5. The best thing I ate this past year was the Fennel Salad at Middle Child Clubhouse. It’s a perfect experience.
  6. The best drink I had this year was the lavender spritz at Martha. Or maybe it’s just the cocktail I’ve had the most. Either way.
  7. The worst drink I had this year was when I didn’t know a cocktail had coconut water in it because I just ordered the same one as my friend Mel since we typically have similar taste and my mouth went numb.
  8. My favorite episode of Endless Scroll (the podcast I co-host, available anywhere you get your podcasts) that we did this past year was either the one we did with Steven Hyden about The Hold Steady or our secret santa episode.
  9. The podcast really is the friends we met along the way. (Eric, Eli, Michaels Cayla, music critic and author Steven Hyden, etc)
  10. I went to Pittsburgh twice in the last year to see my podcast co-hosts. Driving across Pennsylvania is awful, but I think what being single has done for me is that I finally feel like a confident driver. Forced independence or something like that.
  11. Not that independent though because my windshield wipers only got replaced after a man I know gave me a set of new ones for free and they sat in my backseat until a different man I know put them on my car. It’s good to have room to grow.
  12. I made 4 zines in the last year. I’m happy with that.
  13. I’m excited to move back to west philly and to live with Eric. I like my job, but working from home and not seeing anybody unless I make a concerted effort to go out is hard for me. It’ll be good.
  14. I’m most excited to hear the new Frankie Cosmos album. I think I might have an advance of it, but I don’t think that’s the same experience. There are few bands aside from that one that I have such a rich internal relationship with.
  15. I think I finally feel at peace with not wanting to Be A Writer. It’s freeing to not feel like I should want to pitch and slog through when I obviously don’t want to.
  16. This year I learned that I can like breakfast. I never really ever ate breakfast. Now I enjoy it and I enjoy prepping my cold brew and making syrups and foaming milk.
  17. I’m looking forward to finding somewhere new to buy flowers in the neighborhood I’ll be living in next month. Even if I always let my flowers die really quick I still like them.
  18. I hope this year I buy some overalls I really like.
  19. I hope this year I get more tattoos.
  20. I hope this year I go to the doctor, like, so much before I have to pay for my own insurance next year.
  21. I hope this year I get a MUCH more comfortable couch.
  22. I hope I get to go to some new contemporary art museums.
  23. I’m going to the Catskills today. I’ve never spent much time in New York State and I’m excited to be away from the city.
  24. I’m going to watch Chris climb at least one tree and hopefully drink some wine.
  25. [Jeff Rosenstock Voice]

If you'd like to subsidize me driving up to New York State and having a nice time eating/drinking/driving (not all at once) my venmo is @miranda-reinert. Thank you and goodbye!